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Laddie Neil

Watercolor Christmas Tree

Watercolor Christmas Tree

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About the Class:
Enjoy an evening full of color and fun with Greenville artist, Laddie Neil. By using watercolors, acrylic paint, and other fun materials we will layer color to create layered christmas trees, full of bright color and pattern. We will go through the process of mixed media and how to make the christmas trees. These christmas trees are perfect for a gift, or even to keep for yourself to put around the home for a holiday touch.  The trees will be painted onto 16 x 20 inch deckle edges that are taped off with 2 inch boarders (so that the painted portion will be 14 x 18 inches.) 

About the Artist:
Laddie Neil has always had a love for creating art. From coloring pictures as a child on the sandy coast, to now pursuing her BFA in Fine Arts at Clemson University, as a painting concentration. Laddie finds her joy in creating geometrical landscape paintings and drawings of anything ranging from the gentle cows in grassy pastures, to the topographical images in maps she encounters. Her paintings are inspired by the mood of a place, and the tranquil moment in which heaven and earth meet to create vibrant harmony.

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