Please contact Teresa at



How do I book a private party?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to fill out our inquiry form or feel free to call or email Teresa at 864.909.9130 or


We have a 24 hour refund policy, after that time, please contact us ( with any questions about your refunds. We are happy to defer your payment to a new class if you are unable to attend one you originally signed up for!

What if I left my art at the studio, or my child was only able to attend part of a camp, and left their art at the studio?

 All art left at our studio will only be held for two (2) weeks after the class, (if a camp, after the last day of camp) after that, all art and materials will be recycled!! If you know ahead of time your child will miss days of camp, please reach out to Teresa at so that we can accommodate as best we can. 

Is there an age limit for classes?

We have classes for all ages at our studio! Just make sure to read the class information to see age limitations for classes or things to consider! If you are under 15 and are interested in coming to one of our adult classes or workshops, please contact us first! (

Can I leave my art at the studio at the end of class?

Your painting will be almost completely dry by the time you leave class so that you can take it with you! If you do have to leave your painting for some reason, we can only hold it for two weeks, and then it will be recycled into NEW art at our studio!