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Luis Jaramillo

Think Bauhaus!

Think Bauhaus!

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An exploration of abstraction with local painter & printmaker Luis Jaramillo.

This class will meet Every Wednesday Night (1, 8, 15, 22, 29) in October from 6:00-8:30 at Vino & van Gogh.  One time payment includes materials. 

Awaken your artistic sensibilities by participating in drawing & painting exercises used in the first foundation course taught at the Bauhaus by Johannes Itten.
Exercises which will stimulate your imagination and help you develop artistic know how.
Thrive in this one of a kind Bauhaus workshop dedicated to the development of a personal reservoir of "inner forms" by contemplation of natural objects.
You will draw natural forms from direct observation and then redraw them from memory! Just one of the
many stimulating artmaking exercises!
During the first three weeks of class, after drawing from natural objects, you will begin making a series of spontaneous line drawings in India ink and charcoal.
From these drawings you will create a line motif. From the line motif you will create a more complex abstract composition.

For the final five weeks of the workshop dive into a rainbow of acrylic color! Create two abstract paintings!
Luis will show you how to mix specific colors to achieve your desired color, how to go from transparent to opaque and how to gauge whether a color is warm, or cool!
Use your drawings in India ink & charcoal as the basis of your full color acrylic paintings.

Throughout the workshop Luis will give demonstrations in creating an abstract work and several talks on the history of abstract art making.

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