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Nancy Jaramillo

Take a Good, Long Look and Draw It, Morning Block I

Take a Good, Long Look and Draw It, Morning Block I

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This class is CLOSED!

Register One Time, and join us for a group of 4-Week Drawing Sessions: January 5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th. 

Explore the art of drawing in an four week week workshop with local artist Nancy Jaramillo. 

Draw from life in charcoal, conte' crayon and graphite on quality papers of different texture, weight and color.

Nancy will guide you in the discipline of seeing, an artists' way of looking deeply into subject matter to determine shape, contour, texture and tonal values from light to dark.

You will make many loosely rendered sketches from natural objects and still life settings. 

Each week Nancy will conduct a demonstration of drawing materials & techniques such as; how to start your drawing, how to make good use of your drawing mistake and ingredient composition of our selected drawing materials.

All materials are included in pricing. 

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