Linoleum Block Printmaking Class

  • Linoleum Block Printmaking Class



Sorry, the Linoleum Block Printmaking Class is not currently available. To be notified when this class might occur again, please email Thank you!..


Would you like to try your hand at printmaking? This Beginners Printmaking Workshop is a fun and exciting way to learn the processes, materials and methods used in relief printmaking through the use of linoleum.

We will practice techniques of achieving different texture, concepts of balancing positive and negative space, and designing a print image. Students will do a few warm up exercises with soft, easy cut linoleum to achieve different textures and gain understanding of the materials and tools. Then move on to the final print! Each student will learn how to pull a print, number a series, and have a finished block at the end of the workshop.

Our subject matter will be ‘Flora and Fauna”, so bring along a few pictures or doodles you’d like to draw inspiration from.

*Class Limited to 12 Students. Materials included in class fee. Students can break for a quick lunch on their own time.*

About the Artist:

Sunny Mullarkey is a Greenville-based artist who works out of a renovated gas station. She is inspired by natural elements, is a mother to three, and is a full time professional artist.