Kids October Art Class (ages 7 & up)

  • Kids October Art Class (ages 7 & up)



Ages 7 & up

Thursdays, October 8, 15, 22 & 29**



Students have fun discovering their own creative expression and style through a variety of art projects!


This month students will explore printmaking with foam board & ink, make pop-up haunted houses, have fun painting apples & pumpkins and working with chalk pastels to create mountain & oceans scenes.


**Price includes all four Thursdays.

Making Pop-Up Haunted Houses


Painting Still Life, Pumpkins & Apples

Teacher:  Artist Betsy Beach moved to Greenville from Connecticut and we are so excited to have her share her art with us.  Read more about about Betsy - click HERE!

(We continue to keep the classes small so we are able to follow CDC guidelines and keep things sanitized - all while having a good time!  Masks are always worn by our Vino & Van Gogh artists and are encouraged of our kids.)