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Suanne Hall

Couples Acrylic Pouring & Wine Tasting: $45 per couple

Couples Acrylic Pouring & Wine Tasting: $45 per couple

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The perfect Valentine's Day night out!  For $45, you & your date each get a canvas to create two paintings that can be hung together or separately.  You will choose your paint colors and we will help you mix all the ingredients and pour your painting.  Bring something fun to sip and come explore this fun and inspiring form of painting!

We are pleased to have Amanda Harbin hosting the Scout & Cellar clean-crafted wine tasting at this fun Valentines Event!  Scout & Cellar wines are all carefully selected by a Level 3 Sommelier from Vineyards all over the world.  All of their wines are clean-crafted which means they do not have any added chemicals, no added sugar, pesticide residue, dye, etc that is in mass produced wine.  They are simply the grapes and minimum amount of sulfites the FDA requires.  You will have the opportunity to place an order after the wine tasting, and Amanda will also take preorders if you would like to order a bottle to have for Valentine's Day at the studio.  Here is the link to their website if you would like to look around You can message Amanda privately to place your order or for recommendations.  


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