Bob Ross Weekend Workshop "Magic of Fall"

  • Bob Ross Weekend Workshop "Magic of Fall"



No painting experience required!  We are excited to continue our workshops with Artist Betsy Carpenter who is a Certified Bob Ross Instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience!  Betsy strives to teach the proper technique to achieve the results that Bob did in his wet-on-wet oil paintings.

We will use the same brushes, oil paint, mediums & methods that you saw Bob use on TV!  You will follow along as Betsy first explains & demonstrates.  Then she will allow you to complete each step of our project as she observes & assists as needed.   Everyone will be painting the same scene, however you may be allowed to customize. 

The class will take about 3 hours to complete.  Registration includes all paints & materials.  Please feel free to bring a beverage and/or snack (we will not have a lunch break). 


"Magic of Fall" 

Betsy’s certifications include:  CRI® (certified to teach Ross Landscape Method), CRFI® (certified to teach Ross Floral Method) and CRWI® (certified to teach Ross Wildlife Method)

The main thing to remember is “We don’t make mistakes - we have happy accidents!"  Happy painting!


**Under age 15 interested?  Please contact us.