Bob Ross Saturday Workshop "The Lighthouse"

  • Bob Ross Saturday Workshop "The Lighthouse"



Sorry, the Bob Ross Saturday Workshop "Lighthouse" is not currently available. To be notified when this class might occur again, please email Thank you!..

No painting experience required!  This particular painting will be pre-sketched on a 12x16 canvas to get you started.  A wonderful lesson painting in oils!

We are excited to continue our workshops with Artist Betsy Carpenter who is a Certified Bob Ross Instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience!  Betsy strives to teach the proper technique to achieve the results that Bob did in his wet-on-wet oil paintings.

You will follow along as Betsy first explains & demonstrates.  Then she will allow you to complete each step of our project as she observes & assists as needed.   Everyone will be painting the same scene, however you may be allowed to customize. 

The class will take about 3 hours to complete.  Registration includes all paints & materials.  Please feel free to bring a beverage and/or snack (we will not have a lunch break). 


"The Lighthouse" 

Betsy’s certifications include:  CRI® (certified to teach Ross Landscape Method), CRFI® (certified to teach Ross Floral Method) and CRWI® (certified to teach Ross Wildlife Method)

The main thing to remember is “We don’t make mistakes - we have happy accidents!"  Happy painting!


**Under age 15 interested?  Please contact us.