Summer on Augusta was a Hit!

If you missed Augusta Road's Summer on Augusta here in Greenville SC, you missed out big time! Each shopping center had a fun event to celebrate all things Augusta Road. 

Our shopping center had an event called Sounds for Hounds.  We invited the Greenville Humane Society out to show puppies that are open for adoption, had Simple Syrup out to Play some tunes, had an art contest for kids art work made at Vino & van Gogh, and had a beer truck, food galore, and yummy treats from The French Bakery. 

Here are some shots from our Saturday event.  

There she is sitting pretty: the title sponsor, Miss Virginia Hayes!

How cute was this furry friend who came out to our pet friendly event?

Kids voting on the Children's Art Contest held at Vino & van Gogh

Check out the crew in our parking lot (that's Buddy from The Augusta Grill!) 

Wisteria employees offered complimentary nail painting to little girls 

Two of the entries from our Art Contest!

Thank you everyone for coming out.  We counted over 400 people who came into the Vino and van Gogh Art Studio during the course of the day.  We are proud to have seen lots of puppies adopted and loved spending time with our friends and family while enjoying Summer on Augusta. 

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