Kids Masters Painting Class Round Up

We just wrapped with an awesome week of Mini Picasso Art Camp here at Vino & van Gogh and it went so well that I decided to share some pictures of the kids.  Each child was asked to hold up his or her favorite painting from the week.  I love the results and hope you do too!

The crew. 

Tree of Life

Dali - Inspired Surrealist Painting

Van Gogh inspired Sunflower Mosaic

Paul Klee's Cats

Surrealist inspired animal 

Surrealist Owl

Surrealist Owl 

Paul Klee's Cats

Surrealist Puppy

Tree of Life & van Gogh inspired sunflower

Surrealist animal

Surrealist cat

These kids did a great job, don't you think?  Thank you everyone for making the week full of fun, inspiration, and cool creativity! 



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