Visiting Artist Katie Pfrommer

We can't wait to host Columbia artist, Katie Pfrommer in the studio this month on Friday, October 23rd and 24th for a painting class.  She will also be having a Pop Up Shop in the Studio on Saturday, October 24th.  You should join our Mailing List (on the Homepage!) for more details on it!

I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with this emerging artist and below is her interview.  I hope you get to know her a little better through it and also hope to see you at her class(es) and/or trunk show. 

Tell us a bit about yourself- what is your background?
Well let's see. . . I will be 33 in November, live a relatively quiet life in Columbia, SC, am married to my incredible husband, Joey, have a very supportive family, and adore my Golden Retriever puppy, Mona Lisa. For work I teach high school art in Chapin, SC, serve on the Contemporaries Board at the Columbia Museum of Art, and create and sell artwork part-time. I grew up in North Augusta, SC and moved to Columbia for college and have lived there ever since.

I have reached where I am today on a slightly different path than most artists and art teachers. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business and a minor in Studio Art from the University of South Carolina. Upon graduation I had a change of heart and decided to follow my passion for the arts and serving others. I enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at USC and have never looked back. Currently I teach at one of the best public high schools in South Carolina and in my opinion have the best job in the world! I get to do what I love every day and share my passion with others.

How did you get into painting?
Being a certified art teacher, I must be experienced with a variety of mediums from drawing and painting, to ceramics, sculpture, and stained glass. I love painting, especially with acrylics, because I have the opportunity to take an afternoon and complete an artwork from start to finish. After spending most of my time teaching art to others, I like to take time for myself to create.

Do you sell your work in Columbia?
Yes, I love selling locally. Knowing that my work is hanging on walls in homes is a great feeling! What people decide to hang on their walls is a direct reflection of their style and identity. I'm so honored to have a part in that! Through word of mouth, my website,, and my Etsy shop, The Pfrommer's Market, I've sold work throughout the state and US.

Describe the process you use in your work?
My painting process is relatively simple, yet layered. Some layers are achieved using a wet-on-wet technique in which I blend the colors while the paint is still wet on the canvas. Other layers are achieved by using a dry brush to add brush strokes with fine lines. Each of the paintings in my most recent series are finished with a pop of gold. I love the juxtaposition of the mat paint combined with reflective qualities of the gold leaf.

How do you decide on the color palette you will use?
I find that my color choices are constantly changing with the different events in my life. Sometimes I lean more towards a more soft, subdued, and calm palette, yet other times I use extremely bright colors in unexpected combinations. My color palette really is a direct reflection of my mood and each painting I create is a little extension of myself.

Describe how you will teach the class at VVG?
I encourage everyone to come into this class with an open mind. Sometimes art can be intimidating because each individual is on their own skill level. This particular style of painting works well for everyone because it is non-objective. I will walk everyone in the class through each step by demonstrating and one-on-one help. Participants may choose their own color palettes or follow my example. By the end of the workshop, I hope each person has a painting that fuses a little of her style and point of view with mine.

What is your favorite color?
Mint green

Talk about your trunk show: what will you be bringing to it?
I'll be bringing a variety of paintings on canvas and paper in different shapes, sizes, and color schemes, all with pops of gold leaf accents. You can also expect to see some of my handmade jewelry, too. I cut, sculpt, and sand each pendant from unique wood and pair them with colorful beads and ribbon.

What is your favorite part about teaching?
Gosh, it's difficult to narrow it down to one thing! Some people may think I'm crazy, but I love being around the energy of teenagers. It's contagious! There is never a dull moment teaching high school art and it is so much fun to see the students transform my lesson ideas into creative and successful works of art. I am always amazed at how creative they can be and how I am constantly learning from them.

What inspires you?
I find a lot of inspiration in nature. There are so many colors, textures, and interesting forms in places seen every day, as well as breathtaking views. Something about being surrounded by the elements helps put things into perspective. I try to channel these experiences and emotions into my work.






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