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Susie Lombardo

Vase Arranging Class!

Vase Arranging Class!

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Join Suzie Lombardo of Statice Floral for a Flower Arranging Class - this is the perfect gift for you to give yourself or to create for your Valentine!

This is a floral design class which will focus on vase arranging. In this class you will learn about caring for flowers after they are cut, how to increase their vase life, how to process them, where to source them, how to prepare your container so that you can build a structural centerpiece, and in the end you will leave with a beautiful, airy, organic tabletop arrangement.

You will have the tools you need to become your own personal in home floral designer! We all love flowers and wouldn't it be nice to be able to create beautiful centerpieces on a whim? Suzie will explain to you how that can be possible. After this class you will be a master florist and have the tools to put together a pretty vase arrangement.

(Note: All Flowers and vase for this class are included in the class fee!!)

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