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Melanie Morris

Fearless Florals Workshop with Melanie Morris

Fearless Florals Workshop with Melanie Morris

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Join Melanie Morris for a fun two-day workshop, Friday, March 26 & Saturday, March 27.

**Register One Time to attend both days: the workshop will last from 10am-4pm with a one hour lunch break (students can pack a lunch or pick up from a local lunch spot!) 

You may register for this workshop by paying in full with this link OR by using our “$99 holds your spot” deal which allows you to pay over time. Please note that your $99 deposit is nonrefundable but is applied to your balance. We will bill you for the balance February 1, 2021. Click HERE to pay your $99!

This workshop will specifically equip you to paint florals from life more confidently.  Each student will choose a floral from a number of arrangements that will be provided.  Melanie will start the class by walking students through how to create a successful floral painting – from setting up the flowers to developing composition and mixing color.  The class will paint several paintings with Melanie providing individual instruction.  There will be numerous demos each day.  This class is a great confidence booster for any acrylic painter from beginner to advanced. 

***No Refunds Allowed: Classes can only be Transferred.  We need firm commitments. 

***Materials are NOT included in Workshop Pricing. 

***Class is limited to fifteen participants.


Fearless Florals

Below are the supplies I recommend.  Please bring what you have.  I do highly recommend that you have gel medium, retarder, disposable mixing pad and the Sta-Wet palette.  

Acrylic Paints 

You don’t have to have the exact colors and are welcome to bring what you have.  I like Golden brand acrylics but any brand is fine.  You want regular heavy body acrylics not liquid or “open”. Also, professional paints have more pigment than student grade allowing for richer colors. Below are the main colors on my palette.

  • Cadmium Red Medium 
  • Cadmium Yellow or Hansa Yellow Opaque
  • Titanium White 
  • Cerulean Blue Chromium 
  • Alizarin Crimson Hue
  • Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) 
  • Ultramarine Blue 
  • Permanent Rose (This is a Winsor & Newton color)

I also like to keep the following colors on my palette but they are optional.

  • Cadmium Orange 
  • Dioxazine Purple


I like the Golden mediums and retarder.  The medium has the same consistency as the heavy body paint.  The retarder is a thick liquid.

  • Regular Gloss Gel Medium 
  • Retarder (liquid) 


  • Synthetic Brushes – bring what you have.   I like brights - #4, #6, #8 are good sizes.  It seems like each brand of brush has different sizing so to the left is a photo of the ones I use the most.  I prefer the long handle brushes – helps to make your painting looser. I like the Silver Brush Bristlon All Media Brushes
  • Palette/painting knife – I find the most versatile shape knife is the one below.  We will be using the knife just to load your palette so a plastic knife is fine too. 



  • Large Disposable Paper Palette (without hole – 12 x 16 or larger) 
  • Sta-Wet Premier PaletteBuy the red top palette – it has the sponge and special paper you will need.   I keep all my paint in this palette box and mix on the disposable paper palette.  My acrylic paint stays wet for a couple of weeks.  


  • Willow or vine charcoal 
  • Paper towels
  • Two 6”x6”and two 12”x12” canvases or panels OR two 5”x7” and two 11”x14” canvases or panels - I use Ampersand Value panels in the smooth finish but you are welcome to bring whatever you like.  I don’t recommend the canvas panels.  
  • Disposable gloves – I end up finger painting to smear edges so I like to wear gloves.  You don’t want them too loose because they will just get in the way
  • Optional - ViewCatcher– I’m a big fan of a viewfinder.  I use it to get the proportion of my canvas then select my composition. 



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