Helping Homeless Artists...

Hope that got your attention!  I have had an onslaught of people who have reached out trying to find space to hold art classes.  Since we offer our classes in the afternoons (for kids- after school) and during the evenings (for adults.)  I'm here working by myself all day... so its a perfect collaboration. 

I've loved hosting artist and instructor Carrie Brown here at the studio for her Wednesday morning paint classes.  She is sweet, kind, and wildly creative. 

Love these paint tubes

Students at work during Carrie's workshop 

Artist Critique inspired by a show in Anderson County all about Japan 

Art Supplies

Print Making Demo

Carrie Brown: Artist and Instructor. 

It is a true treat to have Vino & van Gogh a buzz with all sorts or creative energy.  Are you a teacher or visiting artist looking to hold a workshop in the Greenville SC area and need a space?  Get it touch HERE and we will make it happen. 

I hope one day that Greenville has an art center... but for now this little venue can help pull some of the weight. 



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