So Clutch

Do you have a budding little fashionista in your life?  Well here's a super-cute, super-easy project for that Tory Burch in Training! 

This is from a project I did this summer at Vino & van Gogh with 4, 5, and 6 year old girls. 

Here's what you need:

  • Canvas or canvas board (ours measures 9x12 inches) 
  • Colored Paper Mix 
  • Magazine (think InStyle, Marie Claire, etc.) 
  • Glue
  • Shells (this can be done without shells, but I went to the beach and scooped some up... so it worked) 
  • Scissors (child friendly, please!) 
  • Crayons (or markers) 

And here are the steps for this fabulous little project: 

  1. First trace the child's little hands out on their favorite color construction paper
  2. Have the child rip up different colors of construction paper
  3. Adult: Spread out a bunch of glue by drizzling it all over the canvas.  Then instruct the child to place their ripped pieces of papers around the background.  Tell the child to cover up all the visible white
  4. Fold an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in half and make a triangle starting from the left and right upper corner to the center of the paper (its like a flat deep 'v' that is the flap for the clutch.) 
  5. Instruct child to decorate clutch with crayons. 
  6. Adult: put glue down in center of canvas for clutch.  Instruct child to press clutch onto glue.
  7. Adult: Put glue down for the hands.  Instruct your fashionista to place the hands on top of glue.  Encourage the child to make hands overlap clutch so it looks like they are holding clutch. (Tell child not to freak out if white glue is showing in any spots on canvas; remind them glue will dry.) 
  8. Cut out jewels, baubles, watches, etc. to decorate hands from magazines
  9. Adult: put glue in spots on hands where magazine jewels can go.  Instruct child to put down their jewelry accessories a top glue. 
  10. Adult: put glue down for shell 'nails.' Instruct child to put down shells on nails. 
  11. Have child snip little pieces of ribbon into 1.5 inch long sections. 
  12. Adult: glue a semi-circle from hand to hand for clutch handle.  Instruct child to glue ribbon pieces on the line of glue. 

TADAAAA... Now that little fashionista can enjoy her bejeweled hands and little clutch creation.
Get ready, Project Runway is calling her name! 

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