Fashion Art Camp Success!

I loved sharing my love of all things fashion-y with this cute bunch of little ladies.  I had different projects planned for the week, but on our first day of camp, I quickly realized that a 4-6 year olds' concept of fashion is anything Disney, Barbie, or Princess related... so we switched our dialogue from Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch to glittery, pretty, dreamy aspects of fashion design.  Our four big projects were making Warhol Jeweled Hands, Sea Shell Fingers with Evening Clutches, and Princess-Styled Self Portraits.  I hope you enjoy these cute photos - come visit us, Greenville SC for Kids Art Classes! 


I am always amazed what kids can create in our art classes with a little direction and encouragement.  I loved teaching this fun kids art class and look forward to developing more projects for kids fashion design related art classes! 




We are a BYOW art studio based in Greenville, SC. We offer art instruction - primarily painting lessons - to children and adults.
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