A visit to the Sorolla Museum

I just got back from a trip to Spain, and one of my most favorite spots on the visit was stopping in the Sorolla Museum

I love Joaquin Sorolla’s work: his water paintings (both of the ocean and water glistening on bodies emerging from the water) and loose yet controlled brush work.  I hope you enjoy this glimpse into his beautiful home and studio.

I really appreciate visiting artists studios that were in former homes, and the Sorolla Museum is an example of a home museum.  The Sorolla house has a beautiful garden outside, lovely drawing and dining room, huge studio that the artist worked in, and upstairs (now converted into a museum for the artists work) for family living.

The Sorolla Garden
Lovely light fixture in drawing room
Handpainted Mural
Painted mural in the dining room – the fruit garland is adorned with portraits of Sorolla’s daughters and wife
Dining Room
Dining Room
Hand blown Glass in the Dining Room
Sorolla’s Art Studio: Great light, great ceiling hight, all around pretty much the best studio ever
Paint Brushes galore
The artists’ paints
Under the Glass
A tiny painting under the glass in the artists’ studio
White Roses
A portrait of the artists wife
Self portrait in Sorolla’s studio
Self Portrait
The artists’ self portrait
I hope you enjoyed this visual visit to the Sorolla Museum.
Check out more about the artist HERE
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