DIY: Wire Wrapped Earrings

If you love handmade jewelry this is the blog post for you! We're breaking down the steps of how to make wire wrapped earrings with a bauble in the center

You'll Need:

-Two earrings rounds


-Two jade beads

-Wrapping wire

-Wire cutters

Start by looping the wire (about a forearms length worth) around the base of the earring round.


Pull the wire so it is sticking straight up in the air


String a pearl on the wire and wrap it twice around the earring round


Continue this until you have made it all the way around the earring round. Wrap your excess wire around the earring hook to secure the beads in place. Make sure to pull the beads tight to the round so they don't shift during use.


To add a bead to the center of the earring you should string wire through the bottom of your bead and loop it through the hook dangling from the base of the earring round


Repeat the process and you will have a pair of handmade earrings!


Don't they just look fabulous on!



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