DIY: Quote Painting

This DIY art project is simple and cost effective, yet incredibly stylish and funky!

What you'll need:



-acrylic paint in your choice of colors

-sticky letters (you can find these at Home Depot)

-A quote (the shorter the better!)

-gold metallic paint

Grab a canvas and paint something abstract on it. It could be drips, splatters, brush strokes, or a hodge-podge of all three! The most importance step in this process is to let the paint dry completely. This way your sticky letters won't peel off any paint


Next, take out your sticky letters and loosely arrange them to form your quote



Now take your gold paint and lightly paint all over the canvas and letters. Allow the paint to dry and peel off your letters


And Voila! You now have a sassy, unique painting that will spread good vibes wherever it is hung








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