Beginner Adult Pottery Classes

If you’ve been a fan of Vino and van Gogh over the years then you’ll know that we try and spice up the monthly classes by adding unique adult camps such as knitting, jewelry making, and metal soldering.
This month we decided to take things a different direction and turn Monday nights into Adult Beginners Pottery Classes. Dana Kimmell, high school ceramics teacher at Christ Church School, instructed the class and did a WONDERFUL job.
Dana choose nature to inspire the class 
(checkin’ out our inspiration)
The first session we made slab bowls and learned the basics of ceramics. Things like slipping and scoring, how to roll out a slab, and different carving and smoothing techniques

(Dana teaching us how to make our first bowl!)
Later in the month we learned how to make vases. Below, Dana is demonstrating the proper technique to produce a sturdy vase that holds water.
In another class we made pinch pots. I know, I know, looks simple? Wrong! It’s crazy how tricky it is to get all of the sides even and the thickness all the same.
In our second to last class we made wall hangings, tiles, or coasters – your choice
And for our last class, we glazed! We used funky colors titled “Elephant Ears”, “Wango-Tango”, and “Purple Haze”. When fired in the kiln the colors will come out darker and be water proof.
(all packaged up and ready to be fired)
Thanks for your hard work and instruction Dana!
This class was such a hit, we’re offering it next month (April) too! Click HERE to sign up. It will be every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30. The cost is $145 per person and is limited to 6 students (to allow for more hands on instruction)
To take the class a step further we are incorporating the potters wheel! Learn how to throw clay and create your own kitchen pots!
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