Jazzy & The Dog Walk Book is Here

Marquin has illustrated a new book called Jazzy and the Dog Walk that is being sold in the studio.  It is perfect for a seventh grade reading level, but children as young as Kindergarteners have enjoyed it.  It is a sweet story about sharing and giving back to help those in need.


The Cover


Girls reading after one of our Kids Christmas Break Art Classes - perfect for 6 & 7 year olds to read


Reading away!

I am an avid reader, so it has been great fun for me to participate in working on a book that I hope will inspire young readers to enjoy books.

Please come to the studio M-F from 2-6 to pick up your copy of Jazzy! They are for sale for $14.99

Also be sure to contact us via the website if you want Marquin to come and do an on site reading and signing of the book.

Cheers! xx M

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