Painting with Kids at Sterling Elementary

I went to Sterling School for the second time this year to work with two sweet Kindergarten Classes.  We had a fun activity that anyone can do with their child: I supplied canvas board and pretty paint colors that the children used as we painted to music.

Since Christmas is around the corner, I played music from the Nutcracker and had students close their eyes and imagine shapes and lines which we in turn painted on our canvas.

I would suggest going one color at a time so that it does not become muddy.  Also, I highly suggest breaking out of the Primary Colors box and opting for different hues- mine are more bright and vivid pinks, blues, oranges and yellows.

In the end, your child (or group of kiddos) will have a unique abstract piece of art that bridges art and music.

We are a BYOW art studio based in Greenville, SC. We offer art instruction - primarily painting lessons - to children and adults.
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