Guest Artist Visit to Greenbriar Elementary

Vino & van Gogh Teacher Mollye Crowell is the art teacher at Greenbriar Elementary.  I was honored when she invited Vino & van Gogh to guest teach at Greenbriar Elementary's All Arts Night.  All Arts Night is an evening where students and parents are invited to school and exposed to different areas of art.  We taught the art part of the evening and got to teach students how to paint little pumpkins.  I want to share how we did it- its super fun and easy and you can do it at home.
Loved this Kandinski Inspired Floor Cloth in the Art Room
The Class
First we put in the background and shaped out our pumpkin
(and used purple because it compliments orange so well :: see Color Wheel to see what I'm talking about-any two colors that are across from each other are complimentary.)
Then we added in orange, white and greens for texture
Love these dots and textures
Parents, this is an easy at-home activity.  You could have your child fold paper to make a fall-themed card, put a magnet on the back and use it on the fridge, or punch two holes in the upper corners and tie a ribbon around each hole to hang on a door knob.  I love that we didn't make a carved face in the pumpkin, so that it can be displayed till Thanksgiving.
Hope this inspired you to create something fun and seasonal with your little one!
We are a BYOW art studio based in Greenville, SC. We offer art instruction - primarily painting lessons - to children and adults.
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