September Guest Artist: Page Watson

We are excited to welcome Greenville Local Artist Page Watson to lead a paint class at the studio September 4th.  Page has a unique way of crafting her paintings: she applies lightweight speckling to the canvas surface before painting with color.  This creates a unique texture on her paintings-- the overall effect is stunning.

Autumn Harvest - Tuesday, September 4th from 6:30-8:30 - SIGN UP HERE

A Note from Page:

I'm always asked,"how do you do that?" I'm ready to show everyone how I do it! For those of you who say," I would, but I'm not an artist", I didn't put paint to canvas until college. And if I hadn't taken that first class, I would have missed a lifetime of enjoyment. My styles and skills have changed throughout the years, but the desire has never changed. I hope to help create that little spark in others.
See Page's Facebook Page - My Charrette
Below are two of Page's Pretty Paintings done with her Spackling technique-
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