LOVE + & Paintings

We are looking forward to guest teacher Maureen Meyer joining us at the studio to teach her version of a LOVE + '&' painting.

Tonight I had some time to experiment and make my own versions of the paintings- it was raining, my husband is out of town, and craftiness was beckoning me: check out the process entailed below. PS: Do not tell George I painted on the table without newspaper.

In Greenville and want to join this class? (You can choose your own color palettes for these paintings.)  Visit the CLASSES tab and sign up for the event Thursday, August 9th.

So step one is get all of your supplies.  Shown here: Two handout stencils, a 'Love' + '&' stencil, 12 x 12 canvas (x 2), metallic paints, sample quarts of paint from Sherwin Williams (my go to: it covers like a pro and is water soluble,) a cup of water, paper towel, large & small brush **If you want a stencil, so you can DIY, I'm happy ship you one for $5.00-  just CONTACT ME**

Next, lightly trace around your shape onto the canvas.  If you don't have a stencil, you can free hand it (good luck: I'm an artist, but I don't think I could pull this one off) OR you could print off an ampersand from on online template... Again, I'm happy to ship you one of these little stencils...

Then fill in your traced out shape with color.  Anything will work: for my ampersand I went for a metallic gold.  NOTE: Metallics can be hard to handle for first time painters.  If you are in this category, go for a solid color.

I like to work from the inside out on projects like this, so thats why I encourage you to do the '&' shape first.

Then I painted my background coat. (I went for Stone: how very J-Crew of me.)

Check out my 'LOVE' tucked into my bookshelf montage: the lettering is Copper with a stone & silver chevron in the background.

And my sparkly '&' to add a bit of spunk to the mantle. (Love the juxtaposition of the abstract with the graphic on top.)

All in all, fabulous night.  No paint on the table to speak of.  Jackson and I are exhausted.

Since George is out of town, my assistant is going to be my bed buddy tonight.

Ciao! xx M

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