LOVE + & August with visiting artist Maureen Meyer

The studio is pumped to be hosting Maureen Meyer, a NYC artist with a keen eye for detail and all things graphic.

A little background: Maureen is legit- Maureen is the co-creator of Rosebrook Meyer, a chic line of luxury wedding invitations. Visit the site She also just started a new blog! Take a look at

She will be leading a class at the studio on Wednesday, August 9th from 6:30-8:30 to make TWO 12 x 12 paintings- one will be LOVE typed out vertically on a canvas, and the other will be an '&' ampersand symbol.  We will have stencils pre-cut for you to use at the studio so that this project is made super e-a-s-y  for all of you.  Bonus: you can choose your own paint colors for this painting.  We will have metallics on hand (gold, bronze, and silver) and neon colors (hot pink, electric blue, highlighter yellow) for you to use as well to punch up your painting.

To register for her Class, check out the Details HERE

I'm an avid pinner on Pinterest (follow me @MarquinDesigns-) so I am just flipping for the trend of these graphic layouts of LOVE and '&'.  I want to share some inspiration for how you can use these paintings in your house to give it some punch.

I like how this is styled: LOVE painting a top a dressing table... what better way to get dressed in the morning?

The soft tangerine is great too.

Another LOVE painting in a baby nursery- this would be a precious accent to pop into a child's room: you could put it on a bookshelf, on a stand on a bedside table, or pop it on the wall on a funky sized wall space.

I also think it would be sweet to write your little one a note on the back telling them just how much they are loved.

Table top LOVE: this painting is the perfect focal-point on this small little vignette.  This would work on a table top pretty much anywhere: living area, boudoir, or dressing room.  Also, I am wild for the metallics- can't beat that pop of luxe.

Now, on to those ampersands....

A neon punch in a single object sure makes a statement.  That's why this pop of color works so nicely against a subdued background. You can choose from hot pink, highlighter green, and neon blue paint colors if you want to take it this direction.

Your Ampersand could also work well in a wall grouping.

Check out how this '&' is incorporated into a more monochromatic wall display.  If you are a little tentative to go outside of the box, this is a great example of not being to wild and crazy, but still adding a little playfulness to your space.

I think the '&' takes the interest up a notch, what about you?

And last but not least, I just adore this pink and white combo of this ampersand.

The girly-artsy grouping of paintings also makes for a fun pop of wall display.

Need some more visuals?  Check out designer Jen Ramos' blog, Made by Girl, chock full of photos and styling tips for your creations.

...and Maureen and I will hope to see you at the studio August 9th to get busy creating...

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