Jewelry Re-Design

Marquin Designs is an umbrella that has three facets: Vino & van Gogh, our jewelry line: Marquin Designs, and Marquin's paintings.  Annually, Marquin Designs Jewelry Line releases Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter limited edition designs.

One of our favorite most creative things to do is re-design clients jewelry.  These can be family pieces, stones from a never worn necklace, or random beads clients bring us.  Typically a client will send a box full of beads and other baubles to the studio, and we will go to work re-creating it based off of the clients specs (lengths, color choices, etc.)  that is beautifully draped (we find that often times when pieces are remade, they do not drape well: Marquin draws upon her fashion design skills to make sure her pieces lay well when worn.) Its a fun collaborative process.  Check out some of the recent re-design jobs.


We are a BYOW art studio based in Greenville, SC. We offer art instruction - primarily painting lessons - to children and adults.
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