I need something for that blank spot on the wall...

I have had loads of people coming to me saying, "I'm desperate for something to fill the gaping hole on my wall."

Well, folks, I'm here to help you out.  As of late, lots of my commissioned works have been centered around figuring what to fill your big blank wall spots with.  I have been going over to clients homes and consulting them on the size and depth of canvas they will need to suit their space.  Then I photograph the room for color references.  Next I paint not one, but two different canvas paintings: I try to make the subject matter different, but use the same colors in each.  After both paintings are complete,  the client gets to choose what painting they would like tho keep, and I keep the other one for inventory.  Its worked beautifully each time, and has always turned out to be an enjoyable collaborative process.

Below is one clients home that  I worked on: these are the initial photographs I took to grasp the color in the space.



These were some of the colors I referenced back to while painting the two paintings the client could choose from.  We talked about colors she loved, (I played them up) and those she did not favor (I kept them out!)

After we decided on a final size and depth for the canvas, I gave her a price quote and got started working on the two paintings for her to choose from.

Ta-Da: Painting #1:


Here was the first painting option I concocted.  It was a Wolf Khan inspired tree scene called Three Birches (see the three birches to the far right?)  Note: the photo quality is poor on the Ipad...

And voila, Painting #2:

And here is the second painting, Birdie Party.  The client decided on this painting, and I was so pleased she did: I love the color, energy, and fun it evokes.  I'm also quite partial to homes with bright, cheery artwork against more muted larger background colors (think natural hues for walls, sofas, rugs.)

We did decide that parts of the painting needed more pop, so I edited into the piece and added some more zest.  Check it out below:


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