The Chicken Man

I am starting something new at the studio: a monthly artistic event.

To get it kicked off on the right foot, I invited Mr. Earnest Lee, aka 'The Chicken Man' to Greenville to live paint and sell his work.  He is a folk artist, true original, and beloved in South Carolina.  He's also has quite the personality, and kept me entertained for two days.

Many thanks to all the folks who came out to meet Mr. Lee... I just want to share some photos from our little painting adventure.

A couple came to the studio who have a brother-in-law who owns a Chicken Farm called Tailfeathers.  They asked The Chicken Man to paint a chicken, focusing mainly on the tail-feathers.  I love the result!
Painting a landscape: I adore the red barn and birds on a wire.
Look at me... I'm just exhausted.  We had a constant flow of Chicken Man- Lovers in the studio for two straight days.  I talked my head off and wanted to crash.
Check out what Mr. Lee painted for me... yep, you've got it... its me as a chicken.  My name is tricky, so he called me Queen instead of Marquin.  Also I love black (its what I wear almost every day.)  This is good...
My husband, George, as a golfing chicken.  Can't deny my love for the little cart in the background.
This is for my sister, Francie, who is 'Fancy'.
And me again... in The Chicken Man's eyes.
What a trip this was!  Many thanks for the Chicken Man making the journey from Columbia to Greenville in his truck (it had major problems!) and for one of the V&VG teachers, Jeanne O'Neal for her great help.
If you're in Columbia and want your own Chicken Man art, check him out at the corner of Lady and Harden Streets.
We will have The Chicken Man back again later this year for a holiday event.  We already can't wait!
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