Grits and Groceries Excursion

Like any good southerner, I love a fantastic breakfast.  And if breakfast is what you're in the market for, you better try Grits & Groceries in Belton, SC.  Its about an 45 minute drive from Greenville, SC and is a delicious coming together of southern fare and fun location (because its in the middle of nowhere!)

Grits and Groceries was started  by Heidi and Joe Trull after they left New Orleans (Heidi owned the fabulous Elizabeths restaraunt and Joe worked under Emeril Lagasse at his Nola Resaturant) before heading back to their native home of Due West, South Carolina.

The couple revived the building that houses the restaurant;  It's cozy and nestle next to a little horsepasture (with goats just across the way!)  You will fall for the sweet space (I loved the dancing tomato wall art,) gracious service (you're greeted with a 'hey yall!) and to die for delicious fare (I had the shrimp and grits... I could eat 'em every day for the rest of my life, thank you.)

The duo's motto for Grits & Groceries is 'real food, done real good' and they have met the mark.   This is not your typical country kitchen with food swimming in grease (note: I'm not saying its the most healthy meal you'll ever devour either...) It is a scrmptous blend of fresh, real foods, and a dash of honed in on flavor. (I'm saying these people know what they are doing.)

If you haven't been, you have to go.  If you have, give another meal a whirl.  I can't wait to get over to Due West for one of their acclaimed Thursday night suppers.  See you... in the middle of nowhere!  (Due West folk, don't take offense... I'm a city mouse.)

















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