Day at the Museum

Today it was hot-- boiling, actually.  So I sought refuge in The Greenville Museum of Art.  What better spot to be on a Sunday afternoon when it was raging heat outside?

It turned out to be very cool, very quiet and was in fact the perfect refuge...

I went to listen to Margaret Bowland speak about her new group of paintings being shown at the museum.  They were beautiful, dynamic, and thought provoking.  If you're around the Greenville area, they're totally worth checking out.

After her talk I meandered down to the 2nd floor to take in Mary Whyte's exhibition, Working South.  What absolute splendor those paintings held for me.  I loved how the artist played with light, juxtaposed harsh and soft lines, and captured her subjects faces.  I also adored the familiarity of the work.  As a southerner it will speak to you;  As an art enthusiast, it will make your heart sing.

Like I said, if you're in the Greenville area, be sure to check out the museum.  The team does so so much to bring great exhibitions to the city (and they have a fabulous collection on Andrew Wyeth's watercolors.)  The admission is free, so you have absolutely no excuse not to go!

Also, peek into the gift shop.  They have Chouette on hand!

xo M


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