Come Paint with Sissy Art!

We are so thrilled to welcome Carolina Girl, Jane Marie Edwards, or 'Sissy Art' for a fun paint night on Wednesday, November 4th from 6:00-8:00.  Jane Marie will show the class how to paint the below painting in her loose, abstracted way of painting.  I hope you can make it out and enjoy the fun! 

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1.) How did you get your start as an artist?
As a little girl I used to love drawing. I would sit for hours drawing out houses and creating the perfect curb appeal to my little homes. I took art classes through high school and majored in Art freshman year at Clemson, but later changed my degree to business management. Its always just been one of my "things." It wasn't until after grad-school that I started to use acrylic paints and created a few abstract works for family and friends. One thing led to another and I couldn't believe that other people appreciated my color pieces!

2.) What are your favorite materials to use when creating?
I always use acrylic paints on either stretched canvas or a canvas like paper. One of my goals as an artist is to experiment with different mediums.

3.) What is your favorite color?
HaHa...PINK of course (not surprising when you look at my work)

4.) What inspires you and your work?
I am inspired predominately by different color combinations. I like to see how certain colors pop when paired with other colors. I'm different than probably typical artists who find inspiration in their enviornment or nature. Sometimes my mind is in a completely different place while painting, and the paint just works itself on the canvas. Often it turns out pretty cool, and then other times I am completely off!

5.) What artists do you admire?
The first piece of art I received was a small Sally King Benedict piece that my sister gave me. She is just a cool person and oozes talent! I also admire many color field painters such as Mark Rothko. His large scale works help me to not be intimated by a massive blank canvas.

6.) Describe the class you will teach at VVG: what can students expect?
Students can expect a laid back fun evening experimenting with different color combinations. We will be painting on a 20x20 canvas using acrylic paints. There is no exact method, but to let your brush and color create something interesting. I love to use bright pinks, corals, and orange to create a piece that brings joy to your eyes!

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