Interior Design Night is Coming!

We are so pumped to be hosting Greenville Interior Designer, Frances Kinloch, for a fun-filled Interior Design Night on Wednesday, October 14th.  Frances will be discussing how to mix traditional, modern, and transitional style pieces to help you create a style that is uniquely yours. You will also learn how to create color schemes as well as and how to mix different patterns with fabric and wallpapers.

To register and read more info on the class, click here

1.) Tell us about yourself and your background.

I grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina with two older sisters and my mom. I had a traditional southern upbringing. My mom was very passionate about antiques and interiors. She even dabbled in interior design herself, but when it came to my room she let me have creative freedom. I grew up with a huge appreciation for antiques and all things design. I was also very passionate about fashion. I started working in retail at 15 at a store that had home accessories. I also worked for a women's boutique during school, so I have always enjoyed being around people.

2.) What did you study in school?

I went to University of South Carolina for college and got a degree in Retail/Fashion Merchandising. I did my internship for an interior design firm in Columbia that had a retail store in the front, because I always had an interest for design. During the internship, although I love fashion, I realized that I wanted to make my living as a designer. After USC I went back to school at Converse College in Spartanburg to get a degree in Interior Design.

3.) How did you get your start as an interior designer?

I started doing some small freelance jobs in Spartanburg and then I went to work for a furniture store in Greenville as their in-house designer. This was a great experience for me because I got to know people in the community, and learned a lot of information about furniture, which is vital for an interior designer. I then went out on my own and started my own design firm, Kinloch Interiors.

4.) Who is your favorite interior designer?

My favorite interior designer is Mary McDonald, who is based out of Los Angeles. I would like to think her style is similar to my own. She also started out in fashion as well, and later decided to become an interior designer. Her style is very bold, stylish, chic, and she incorporates traditional and modern elements.

5.) What is your favorite color?

Is animal print considered a color? Just kidding! My favorite color is blue. It was my favorite color when I was little and I still find myself incorporating it into all of my designs. It is so easy to work with, matches everything, and comes in so many incredible and beautiful shades from robin's egg, to turquoise, to cobalt, to navy!

6.) What are you known for?

I am known for my unique and eclectic style. For mixing modern and traditional pieces and for not being afraid to use color. I also like to the think that I am known to be true to my client's style.

7.) In the simplest terms, how do you layer color and textures?

To layer color you need to start with an earth tone (neutral) like tan, gray, white, brown, or black. Then once you have neutral/earth tone base, you can throw in any colors with it. Once you have that neutral base there are literally no rules to what colors you can mix.

The key to texture is layering. When putting together a space, if you used all one material like linen, it will fall flat, even if you use different colors. It's always best to use different textures when designing a unique space. You can do this with your walls by adding a textured wallpaper or grasscloth. You can do this for the floor by adding a rug, and you can do this with fabric by mixing different materials together like velvet, leather, linen, and silk. A room that is just one color will be fabulous if you give it depth by mixing up the textures and materials.


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