Judy Verhoeven Mixed Media Workshop

This past weekend, we hosted local artist Judy Verhoeven in the studio for a fun-filled mixed media workshop.  

Judy taught the sold out class how to paint, stain, and manipulate papers to that they could create a fun-filled paper collage using the papers.  

Much of the fun was that the technique felt like like child's play: students had a great time cutting and pasting the colored papers to create their 'paintings' 

Creating Spots on her Giraffe 

Assembling photographs and papers together 

A messy art studio is a great art studio

Painted Papers, which we love!

Collage Animals! 

Mixed Media Bouquet 

If you're interested in dabbling in the technique, check out these Paper Collage Notes for reference and inspiration. 

Thank you, Judy, for coming out to teach us this playful, fun technique. 

If you want to participate in another Paper Collage Workshop, stay tuned… fingers crossed that Judy will be back in 2016! 



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