Creative Halloween Round Up

Halloween is truly about getting creative: with costumes, pumpkin carving, and treats.  Here is our top 8 round up of creative Halloween finds. Hope your Holiday is a Creative one! 

1. These Punkins sure are showing off some creative carving. Love 'em! 

2. Tis the season to get creative with food. This cute little graham cracker/marsh mellow/candy corn owl is funky, fun, and probably very delicious

3. This is just a simple moss wreath covered in dollar store spiders.  Clever & the perfect exterior decor to ring in the holiday (and frighten your trick or treaters!) 

4. Want to scare your dinner guests? We love this image from it is a large blown up 'haunted house' installed onto a blank dining room wall with putty.  (Note: check out the ghoulish punch on the table!) 

5. Yep, Halloween gives you license to be a little tacky.  So get your tacky on by watching this Swatch & Learn video on how to create Candy Corn Nails.  It only comes once a year, so go for it. 

6. Got a bambino? The internet is loaded down with baby DIY Costume ideas, but this one takes the cake: a spider and a mama 'web' (cause after all, you're going to be carrying that baby all night long!) 

7. This Halloween Punch from Blessed Mom looks simple enough, and will surely elicit some blood curdling cries from party guests 

8. Of course Good Housekeeping takes the cake on exterior home decor.  I love the crows and branches! 

If you weren't in the mood for Halloween, I hope you are now. 
Trick or Treat! 


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