Your Carolina Visits the Studio

We loved hosting Your Carolina host, Megan Heidlberg, for a paint-along and interview with local artist Jared Emerson in the Vino & van Gogh Studio.  Their clip for the paint-along and interview has not yet come out, but we snapped a few shots from the visit that we thought you might enjoy. 

Getting Started

Jared Emerson - Greenville, South Carolina Artist

Jared paints lots of athletes and then sells the paintings to fundraise for charity 

Jared's Painting on the left and Megan's on the right (they are painting each other's portraits!) 

Girls from Your Carolina Filming Jared and Megan


Jared & Megan, thank you for coming out to paint in the studio;  Your Carolina, thanks for shooting in our funky little space.  We look forward to sharing the segment from this session with you soon… I have a strong suspicion that Jared and Megan will stick with their day jobs (har-har-har!) 


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