Interview with Student Artist, Jamison

VVG: How many camps have you attended? 
J: A lot. I really don't know. 
VVG: Why do you keep coming back? 
J: Because I love all the activities here. Its just so fun. 

VVG: What camp are you taking this week?
J: I'm taking the American Girl Doll Clothes Making Camp.
VVG: And what are you working on? 
J: I'm working on skirt making, shirt making, and lots of accessories. 
VVG: What's your favorite artsy thing to do?
J: I love to doodle and invent things. 
VVG: Do you have a favorite artist?
J: I love Vincent van Gogh. 
VVG: What's your favorite thing you've learned here at all the different camps you've attended? 
J: How to be creative and how to put different colors on a canvas to create a painting.

VVG: What do you do with with the things you create here? 
J: I put them in a big scrap book my mom puts together. 
VVG: What would be your dream camp or class to have at the studio?
Probably fashion camp.

VVG: What do you want to do when you grow up?
I want to be a graphic designer or an artist.
Thank you, Jamison, for the interview and thanks for the kind words.  We love getting creative with you here at VVG, and look forward to more fun art classes with you in the future! 

Any last thought? 
Thank you, Jamison! 
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