Teen Birthday Parties

I am constantly trying to come up with fun little paintings for teens… this group of kids really needs a fun, creative, positive, outlet for creativity.  I think that at VVG, we have come up with a great way to channel their energy.  As of late, I have hosted tons of birthday parties for teenagers.  Because these kids are older, their work is more advanced, and the end result is awesome (see below) 

Lots of parents assume that Teen Birthday Parties fall into the Adult Private Party price range, but I actually offer birthdays for any child up to 18 years old at the same packaged rate. So a teen private party is a great, affordable option for celebrating your child.  So, round them up… for a birthday party, a get girls night out get together, or a club meeting… and send them our way to get their creativity brewing. 

How cute is this bunch? I love all the different colors… great job, girls! 


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