Golden Paint Workshop Wrap Up


We had the best time at the Golden Paints Workshop with artist Phil Garrett.  
I snapped a few photos I thought were worthy of sharing.  
If you are interested in stretching yourself creatively, we are having another workshop with Phil called Digital Mixed Media in May.  Its going to be incredible, and you for sure do not want to miss it. 
Golden Paints Color Guide- Each color is individually put down on the guide. Awesomeness! 
Here is the color guide in full 
Phil's Brush Collection
When you take a Golden Acrylics Workshop, you are gifted with paints.  These are some that I took home. 
Phil introduced me to Euan Uglow- an incredible artist in his book, The Complete Paintings. 

The man. They myth. The legend. Phil Garrett with his book Inside Acrylics
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