Fundraising for The Dragonboat Race

I was thrilled to host Scansource for a Fundraising Event for The Dragonboat Race.  The Dragonboat Race raises money to fund a cure for cancer.  Scansource has partnered with Brest Fest to Raise money for Brest Cancer.  We hold lots of fundraising events at VVG.  

For every attendee, I donate back $15.00 per participant (the price for our 2 hour paint class is $35.00) This is an excellent way to gather a group, share the story of what the group is fundraising for, and enjoy creative company as money is donated towards your cause of choice.  

I am happy to report that Scansource raised over $400 to support The Dragonboat Race.  Way to go, y'all- its awesome when a company truly rallies around an amazing cause!

Check out Workers & Friends of Scansource -

these are their paintings from the Dragonboat Fundraiser they held at VVG 

Interested in having your fundraiser at VVG? See the details here

Giving back in a creative is a win-win for the giver and recipient;  I hope you consider VVG for your next fundraising event. 

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