Mixed Media Student Work

I wrapped on a three week art class (we met for three consecutive Wednesday evenings for a few hours) to create a 30 x 30 inch Mixed Media Masterpiece with students. 

I encouraged students to create a floral piece of art similar to the ones I created for a friend's nursery

Each week I demonstrated the step we would be working on in my paintings, and then let the students get to work.  The end result is that each student created a unique 30 x 30 inch piece incorporating paper, fabric, and paint.  I just LOVE what they did… and please note, they are not at all professional artists.  Just some folks who are interested in getting a little creative.  Its awesome to see how far a little creativity can take you when you have the creative spark, have a guiding hand, and are open to possibility. 

Roberta's Double Vases 

Shannon's Vibrant Bouquet

Amanda's Flower Burst

(this one is smaller on a 24 x 24 inch canvas to fit the artists space) 

I am so thrilled how these four turned out.  We are having a make up class Tuesday night for a few paintings that need to be finished (due to the artist having to miss a class because of life) 

I will for sure share them with you when I have them ready-

Love this class? Want to take one with us? Let me know HERE 


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