Window Display Fun

I want to share a few images from our recent window display at the studio.  It is so simple but so creative.  We took embroidery hoops and stretched fabric on them.  We then hug the hoops from clear fish line to create a dangling round array of colorful disks. 

We also took old lamp shade bases and stripped them of fabric (be sure to get the bases with wire- you can't do this if there are not wire sides.) We then took clamp lights and un-screwed the metal collar from them.  We ran the lights thru the center of the wire lamp base and then ran the cord under our ceiling tiles.  We topped off our wire bases with a vintage light bulb to provide soft golden light to the studio. 

I'm digging all the layers of hoops and textures of fabrics

Love the effect of the vintage bulbs

The shape of the shade shown is the best shape to use

A creative window with touches of light is the best way to draw in shoppers

I hope you found this post to be useful. 
I am always looking for interesting new ways to change up my windows, so if you have any cool ideas… please share them with me.  And if you use this technique, be sure to Contact Us to share Pictures!

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