Pottery Classes

2014 is off to a strong start and I have loved both participating in and offering Pottery Classes at the studio. 

This block of classes runs for five weeks and is called Things we LOVE in Clay

It started on 2.18, but if you missed the first session and want to join in, we will give you an extra session. 

The next group of classes is called Jewelry in Clay and will run for five weeks (it starts Tuesday March 18th and runs till Tuesday April 1st) 

And the third block of classes is called Clay Garden Creations and will also run for five weeks (starting April 22nd and running till May 20th.) 


So here's the run down on our pottery classes: 

Each Course lasts five weeks 
At the start of each class, the teacher will demo a certain technique for the daily project; You can either work on it or another project (we are open to anything you can dream of!) 

You have the option to throw on our wheel during each session if you are not interested in hand building. 
If you miss a class, don't worry… you can come to any of our Tuesday Night Classes as a make up session. 

Hope to see you there! 

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