Children's Birthday Party Package

Our teachers are great with kids, and we host tons of parties at the studio, so we have birthday parties literally down to an art. If your child is looking to have a fun birthday party that includes great art instruction, you have found your spot! 



Pricing: The cost is $250.00: this cost covers studio rental space for 2 hours, the Instructor (who leads the painting lesson), art supplies (canvas, paint, smock, easel, brush, and water.)  This price also includes set up of art materials and cleaning of art materials by the instructor. 

After the 10th child, the additional cost per child is $20.00 per head. We require a non-refundable $100.00 deposit when you book the party date and painting choice. The final balance is due on the day of the party.

So that each child can receive our help and attention, we recommend keeping the party size from 10-12 participants. The above package is for kids ages 4 and up.

Food: We do not handle any food for the party: that is the responsibility of the host. We will have a table set up for any food that will be covered with kraft paper.  You are welcome to bring table cloths if you desire. Parents are expected to clean up food; We have trash bins placed around the studio for easy clean up.  

We are a Nut Free Facility- please do NOT bring Nuts into the studio.  If you do, you will be charged an extra $350.00 deep cleaning fee. 

Children under Four: We have a birthday party package where we trace out a character from a story in sharpie, and children 'paint' over it (like a coloring book.)  This package is limited to 8 children and costs $350.00 for 2 hours. 


Picking the Painting: Please visit our website to pick your art party painting from the gallery (then click Kids Gallery) by Clicking Here for the General Photo album, or by Clicking Here for the Holiday & Seasonal Album. 

Time: any two hour block works for us. Most people prefer the 3:30-5:30 time on Fridays after school, 10am-Noon on Saturday mornings and 2-4 pm Saturday afternoon.  For 2017 we will not be offering Sunday afternoon paint parties

How it Works: The kids come in and paint for about 40 minutes, we break for cake and gifts, then they get back to the art workshop. At the end, each child will have a painting to take home as a party favor.

Details: We recommend that you indicate for children to wear paint clothes to the birthday party- paint can be messy, and kids tend to make it even messier! 

We reserve the right to use photographs from birthday parties for marketing purposes unless parents express they do not want to have their children's photo used for publicity.

                                                                                                                                      Bonus: Our bright and cheery studio is decorated for a party- you do not have to bring any birthday party decor.

We handle all set up: you just show up, the kids paint away, and leave the rest to us.

Need some inspiration for cake, goodies, or decor? Check out our Arty Party  Pinterest Board


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