Spring Flower Craft

At Vino and van Gogh we have a variety of camps and classes for the Mini Picassos around town. We strive to make the kids classes fun but also educational.

In one of our After School Camps we taught the students how to make mixed media spring flowers. We discussed how flowers grow in the spring time and how nature comes alive!


We painted the background and glued old paint brushed to the canvas to make the stem. Next we painted petals and leaves onto the flower and stuck different colored paper to the paint. We also added buttons to the petals for a little pizzazz!


At the end of the class the students had learned about plants growing in spring and also had a beautiful craft to take home!

We strive to make the classes educational.


We are a BYOW art studio based in Greenville, SC. We offer art instruction - primarily painting lessons - to children and adults.
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