How to Paint (or Draw) A Sweet Santa

How to Paint (or Draw) a cute little santa. This is really easy: just follow these simple steps

You will Need:
Paper & Pen (or Pencil) OR Canvas & Black Paint

Red, Green, White, Pink (or mix Red & White Paint), and any flesh tone.

1. Make a roundish puffy cloud shape near the top of the canvas or page.

2. Make more of a long ovalish puffy cloud shape 1/3 of the way from the bottom of the canvas.

3. Make two little black eyes beneath your oval cloud

4. Make an ovalish button nose slightly lower than the round eyes (yet centered between the eyes)

5. Make a wave shape on the left and then on the right beneath the nose to form the top of the mustache.

6. Make a swoop starting from underneath the nose to make the bottom line for the mustache.

7. Render in two half circles peeping out from the top line of the mustache.

8. Draw in Santa's shoulders on either side of the mustache.

Teacher Version


Youngest Student in the class: *4 Years Old* and looking great!

9. Add in black speckles on both of your clouds.

 10. Attach both 'puff balls' with a curvy line and a hook on the top.  (Above, Teacher Version.)

Student Version


 11. Then Render in Color: Red on the cap and shoulders, Green in the background, white on the 'cloud' parts, pink in the nose and cheeks, and any flesh color on the face.

Working away at Vino & van Gogh

The Finished Product! Great Job Kiddos: We added in white snowflakes on the background. Fabulous!

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