Summer Camp is in full Swing

Summer Camp is in full swing at the studio, and we want to share some snaps of our cute campers and their beautiful creations.  The photos featured here are from our Take a Dip art Camp with campers ages 4-6.  Check out their marvelous work! 

Self portraits of each artist swimming under the sea with Tissue Paper printing techniques
Water Bracelets made with tubing and food color in the front left foreground and Monogrammed First Initials decorated with colored bubbles that children blew onto the boards. 
How cute are these paper-lantern jelly fish?  The kids made a jelly fish parade for their parents! 
Our Jelly Fish Parade on the last day of camp.  Pairs of campers spoke to their parents about each project. 
A lovely self portrait of this cute little swimmer! 
Sisters showing off their bubble Initial art and Relief Watercolor Painting 
If you are interested in Summer Camps, please check out what camps we have remaining (and room for!) by Clicking Here
I hope that you and your kids enjoy a fun, happy, and very creative Summer 2015! 
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