Visit to Ryan Calloway's Art Studio

I feel so fortunate to own Vino & van Gogh and to be able to be a full-time artist.  I always enjoy meeting other working artists and learning about their mediums- it really has given me such an appreciation for what other artists are doing.  My husband, George, had been dying to take Ryan Calloway's blacksmithing class for a while, so one hot Saturday early this summer, we joined in his blacksmithing class. 

I want to share some shots from the session
Rail Tie Knife Making 
Knife Making out of an old Rail Tie… such a cool process to watch
Another shot of a knife crafted from a rail tie
Rail Ties waiting to be crafted into something new 
The burning end of a spatula my husband was working on
Pounding out some hot metal
The Artistry 
The Artistry Studio & Gallery - you must check it out if you're in Greenville SC 

George and I SO enjoyed our class with Ryan.  He is super informative and a truly skilled craftsman (be sure to check out his website, to see his work!)

We both left with some fun pieces- I created two unique candle sticks and George crafted a Grill Spatula and Fork for our Grill Set.  The process was a lot of hard work (lots of hammering happening,) but now when I see a forged iron gate, I realize the time, love, and eye that goes into it. 
I loved it because I got to learn to solder, hammer, varnish, and bend the metal. 
If you are looking to take different types of art classes, be sure to check in with Ryan on blacksmithing classes- they are perfect fits for men and boys, too. 
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