Easter Bunny Project

I had to share the cutest project that our After School Art Class created.  
To create this sweet little fluffy Easter Bunny, we took a paper plate and covered it in hot glue, while adding cotton balls to it one at a time to fill the plate.
We then cut out felt triangles for ears in pink and outlined the outer edges with glue and cotton balls.
While the glue set, we painted a 16 x 20 inch canvas.  
Any design is perfect, but we are particularly partial to Maggie's Chevron & dots. 
We then glued down a pink round nose from the same pink felt used for the ears.
We added black pipe cleaners for whiskers and pink pipe cleaners for the cute little bunny mouth (just bend them)
Last of all we added two black beans for the bunny eyes.
Easy as pie and perfect for your wall to celebrate Easter!
Canvas - 16 x 20
Paints for canvas (any colors)
1 white paper plate
bag of cotton balls
pink felt
black pipe cleaners
pink pipe cleaners
black beans
hot glue gun
hot glue
I hope you create a cute little bunny with your little ones to celebrate Easter! 
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